Our Story

Our Story

Dreamt about in 2012, talked about in 2013, investigated and developed in 2014 and launched in 2015, ‘Blake + Grace’ is a Melbourne based on-line boutique leather goods business, specialising in affordable, high quality, handmade shoes, for girls young and old. Founded by us…. a pretty simple husband and wife team.

We created ‘Blake + Grace’ out of our love for shoes. Those who know us can verify that between the two of us, (or you could even say 5 if you included our mini me’s), we are never short of a pair of shoes or jeans or anything that hangs, sits or lives in a wardrobe for that matter! And those who know us closely, know where the name ‘Blake + Grace’ originated from; another thing we are extremely passionate about…. our girls, well our family really. ‘Blake’ being the middle name of our eldest daughter Azalia (and her Nanas maiden name) and ‘Grace’ the middle name of our other daughter Tuscany (which was also the middle name of her great grandmother). We do have a little man too, so why did he miss out you may ask? Well his time will come one way or the other…. watch this space!

So enough about the name, what about the product?
We are strong believers of quality yet affordability and we celebrate individuality. Everything from ‘Blake + Grace’ is 100% handmade using beautiful high quality leathers, suedes, snake skins, animal prints and furs.
Our products are also unlike your current mass produced labels. Each design has been inspired by something in our lives and married with upcoming trends; any legitimate excuse to follow the fabulous international fashion weeks around the globe right!

So where do ‘Blake + Grace’ products come from? Indonesia is the simple answer but the more exciting part of this, is the history of how it all came to be…. To cut a pretty long story short, my Uncle Jeff traveled frequently to Bali, Indonesia in his twenties, where he met Ayu and her mother. An enduring friendship developed. Both married, both stayed in touch. Then in 2012 Ayu’s son Chandra came to Melbourne to study and naturally he moved in with Uncle Jeff and Aunty Heather. At the same time so did my recently retired, mid renovations parents. Mum being mum took Chandra under her wing and took him grocery shopping, to the cinema, down to the beach house, to the doctors if needed. So needless to say we spent time with Chandra’s family on their visits to Melbourne and in turn stayed at their beautiful D’Kubu Villa and Guesthouse in Legian during our visits to Indonesia. They have become our extended family and it’s through them that we have been connected with some amazing Indonesian businesses, who have helped to make our Blake + Grace dream a reality.

Who do ‘Blake and Grace’ cater for? In addition to our ladies shoes we have also created a range for the little ladies in your life. (Our own little ladies are pretty excited about the idea of new shoes all the time! The Apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree).

And what about shoes for Men and Mini Men? We are not confirming or denying, and we, will definitely not stop dreaming….!

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Happy shopping!